Are you afraid of clowns?

Then you are not alone!

An increasing number of children and adults find them scary and intimidating

Dealing with the fear of clowns

Coulrophobia Treatment

In order to be able to treat coulrophobia, one needs to analyze what is the origin of clown phobia:

 Is it the fear of unknown?
 The fact that behind the smiley face there could be anyone?
 Is it that the clown has no social norms, can break up barriers of interaction and that makes one person uncomfortable with them?
 Or is it a childhood experience?
 Maybe a movie?

In a broader sense even Charlie Chaplin could be catalogued as a clown because of his characters, but there is no fear of Chaplin.

Is it just the mask that makes the difference?

Unfortunately there is no cure for clown phobia. It depends on each person. But if coulrophobia is something you can’t live without, you should gradually accommodate yourself to the idea of clowns.

Maybe first watch some videos of clowns performing funny acts over the internet.

Sometimes, clowns putting their make up in front of the public can help relieve the tension of some coulrophobiacs as they can see it is just a mask, and they could see the real person behind the mask.

With some people, this is just enough, but obviously this cannot be possible in every social situation.

The fear of clowns is not something you should be ashamed of. Many people share the same fear and if you have any positive experience in overcoming your fear, share it below so that fellow coulrophobes can learn too.